Nestled in the beautiful coastal state of South Carolina lies a small, but stunning island known as Isle of Palms. This island has captured the hearts of many who have visited it, thanks to its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and overall tropical atmosphere. Whether you are looking to spend a day lounging on the beach or want to engage in a variety of outdoor activities, Isle of Palms is a destination you should definitely consider. However, before you can dive into all the beauty that this island has to offer, you need to first figure out getting to Isle of Palms. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered!  

Option 1: By Air 

The nearest airport to Isle of Palms is the Charleston International Airport. This airport serves many domestic and international flights and is about 24 miles away from Isle of Palms. Once you’ve landed, you can choose to rent a car or take a taxi to the island. Both options should get you there in a little less than an hour. 

Option 2: By Car 

If you’re up for a road trip, then going to Isle of Palms might just be the perfect option for you. This island is easily accessible by car and is connected to the mainland via the Isle of Palms Connector, which links the island to Mount Pleasant. If you’re driving from Charleston, take Highway 17 and head towards Mount Pleasant. Once there, follow the signs to the Isle of Palms Connector. 

Option 3: By Water Taxi 

A unique way to get to Isle of Palms is by taking a water taxi. This scenic option is perfect for those who want to experience the beautiful views of the surrounding waterways. The ferry departs from downtown Charleston and will take you directly to the island. This option is slightly more expensive than driving or taking a taxi, but the breathtaking views are well worth the price. 

Arrive In the Beautiful Isle of Palms! 

Isle of Palms is a tropical paradise that is definitely worth the trip. Whether you decide to fly, drive or take a water taxi, the journey to this beautiful island will be worth it once you set foot on its sandy beaches. Don’t hesitate any longer, book your trip today and discover why Isle of Palms is one of South Carolina’s most cherished treasures! Contact us today!