The year-round sun and beautiful weather of South Carolina and Isle of Palms makes it the ideal destination any time you need a break from your everyday grind. No matter what brings you here, you need somewhere to stay. Consider a vacation rental provided by Carroll Realty instead of a drab hotel room.

Live Like a Local

Booking a vacation rental for your Isle of Palms getaway means experiencing Isle of Palms as the residents do, rather than through the lens the hotel or resort provides. When you want some quiet time to relax with a book or get a quick nap before another activity, you’ll be able to unwind without interruption from the noise of other guests. A vacation rental puts you ‘in the middle of it all’ rather than separates you from what you’ve truly come to experience: the city of Isle of Palms.


Having someone else take care of all the chores like cleaning may sound relaxing, until you realize you’ve compromised your privacy. Booking a hotel or resort room means sharing walls with neighboring guests. While you’re trying to relax or sleep, TVs are blaring in surrounding rooms, and people are coming and going in the hallway outside your room. Your relaxing getaway may be a getaway, but not as relaxing as you’d hoped.

Pet Friendly

Your selection of accommodations when it comes to hotels and resorts becomes severely limited when you bring your pet along. We have multiple pet friendly vacation rentals! Many of them are close to the activities and attractions you came to Isle of Palms to enjoy. Additionally, while there are restrictions and fees, they may be lower than a hotel’s. Select pet friendly homes offer items to satisfy your pet’s needs, including beds, toys, and pet doors leading to private outdoor spaces where they can do their business in private.

Ample Parking

Our vacation rental homes are located in residential comminutes with plenty of parking. Parking details at your specific rental will be provided with your other home-specific information. Parking facilities run from reserved spaces to private garages and carports that shield your rental vehicle from the weather.


In addition to the privacy and quiet of your own home, there are other conveniences to a vacation rental home as well. While hotels and resorts have Wi-Fi, that signal is split between all the guests at the hotel, as well as the staff. Rather than sharing a signal with potentially hundreds of people, our private vacation rentals each have their own, private Wi-Fi connection. You’ll find the network name and password in your welcome information. Just enter the credentials into your wireless devices to be online in moments! Share the latest vacation photos and videos to social media, send a quick email, or confirm reservations with restaurants or attractions and activities.

Full Kitchen

Save money on your dining budget and put it towards making memories. Each of our vacation rental homes features a fully equipped kitchen. Cabinets and drawers hold all the basics for preparing and serving delicious home-cooked meals. From pots, pans, and utensils to dishes and silverware, you’ll have just about everything you need. Try your hand at your new favorite dish from one of our local restaurants or prepare an at-home favorite.

Close to Activities & Attractions

Our private vacation rentals are close to many of the activities and attractions you’ve come to enjoy. Our rentals may be just a short drive, walk, or bike ride away! Our rentals are also close to conveniences like grocery stores and other needs.

Outdoor Space

While hotels and resorts have pools, spas, and possibly green space to stretch your legs, it’s not private. In a private vacation rental provided by Carroll Realty, the outdoor space is just for you. Sit out on a private patio, deck, or balcony and relax. Select units offer a private pool and/or spa, and outdoor green space for other outdoor activities with loved ones.

In-Unit Laundry

If you happen to be staying with us for an extended period, you don’t have to pack your whole closet. Limit the packing to just your favorites and take advantage of in-unit laundry. Most of our rentals offer laundry areas with full-size washers and dryers. You won’t have to spend precious vacation minutes ‘guarding’ your laundry in hotel laundry rooms or hunting up expensive laundry services in town. You’ll be able to do laundry without interruption to your regular schedule, saving money on overweight bag fees, too.

Welcome to Isle of Palms

As you plan your Isle of Palms adventure, make your first move booking a vacation rental with Carroll Realty. We have accommodations as small as a one-bedroom suite for a cozy sweetheart getaway all the way up to a seven-bedroom single-family home for an Isle of Palms getaway that includes all your loved ones.

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