What’s your style of celebrating Halloween? Today, it is not just about purchasing costumes and creating a pumpkin fest in your backyard. A change in the immediate environment plays a big part in the whole experience. Isle of Psalms is among the great options you may want to consider. This and every fall, all roads lead to South Carolina for this historic experience. From sand sculpture competitions to scary stories by the ocean tide, there is never a dull moment in this islandic part of the world. Here are some of the festivities and activities that make the Isle of Palms Halloween experience worth every penny.  

Halloween Carnival 

The highlight of the Isle of Palms experience you will never forget is the Halloween Carnival. It is an annual event meant to celebrate Halloween. People from all walks of life find their way to this part of the world to enjoy the multiple activities taking place. With the huge crowds expected each year, you are advised to plan ahead to avoid missing out. Better still, it is a conducive place for everyone. From kids to adults, there are plenty of activities to explore for an incredible Halloween experience. 

Halloween Golf Cart Parade  

This Halloween festivity is designed to accommodate a wide range of activities. One key activity your family should never miss out on is the Golf Cart Parade. It is a huge upgrade from the usual pumpkin setup you are used to. In this case, the normal golf cart is decorated with all manner of spooky creatures. Watching these carts being pushed around by people in their dedicated costumes makes the day even more special. If you thought these carts are all the region has, then you are not ready for this one.  

Are pets supposed to be part of the Halloween experience? Well, here in the Isle of Palms, limits only exist as imagination. Pets form a crucial part of the whole experience. Once in a while, you will spot a pet strapped properly in the various golf carts dressed in the right costume. This spectacle alone is enough to inspire your Halloween celebrations. 

Haunted House Drive Through 

While haunted houses could be something you have experienced before, the Isle of Palms setup is different. In a typical Halloween setting, you are required to alight from your car and walk through the house. In this case, you are allowed to do it from the comfort of your car. Also known as a haunted house drive-through, this experience is nothing like what you are used to. 

Screening through the house by car doesn’t make it less scary. If anything, the features here are more frightening than what happens in normal walkthrough houses. The rooms are as dark and scary. Only the drive-through is lit for safe driving. Expect all manner of creepy noises, something that is a Halloween signature. After all, it is not Halloween standards if it doesn’t make your heart beat a bit faster.  

Sand Sculpting Competition 

Sand sculpting is both a festivity and an activity. It is the direct substitute for the legendary pumpkin carving tradition. The Isle of Palms is largely a beach affair. With all that sand on the shoreline, it is quite easy to hip some for the sculpting activity. This activity is not a preserve for the elites. Everyone is encouraged to take part and try out a new skill. Same way, it is not a crime to look around and copy what your friends are doing. It is the best way to learn the skill.  

To make it more fun, have a character in mind that you want to bring out in your sculpture. It may be your favorite actor, your kids, or some other smoky character. Whichever you choose, make all the details count and have fun while at it.  

Scary Stories by the Tide 

Halloween time is story time, and it’s not just any story. It is all about those scary and ghostly stories that relate to sea creatures. To make it even more impactful, organize a bonfire, not far away from the shore to keep you warm. Push the limits and get creative. By the way, the stories don’t need to be factual. Just come up with sci-fi-like scenarios and leave the audience guessing  

All this time, you will be hearing very funny sounds emanating from the sea. From the onrushing waves crashing against the corals to the noise made by various sea creatures, Halloween has never been this real.  

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Nothing in this day and age beats a Halloween spent outdoors. With Isle of Palms, you have already found the right partnership for an incredible Halloween experience. Remember, a good outdoor experience comes with a good resting place. Get in touch with our team for all your accommodation needs, including but not limited to pet-friendly rentals.