Isle of Palms is one of the most luxurious holiday spots on the East Coast. This city is known for its glowing white sand beaches, thrilling water activities, incredible sunsets, and a detailed portfolio of accommodation options. 14 Ocean Park is one of the standout holiday rentals with an equally exciting feel and appearance to match your Isle of Palms adventure. From its state-of-the-art amenities to the incredible surroundings, this property is the perfect definition of luxury at its best. Here’s what to expect from this vacation rental.  

Luxurious Amenities 

14 Ocean Park is a 3-bedroom holiday rental that can host up to eight guests at the same time. Inside this property are two bathrooms, a fully functional kitchen, a living room, and a covered patio on the outside. The kitchen area has the feel and finish of an ultramodern home. You have virtually all the appliances you would need to bolster your culinary skills. On one corner of the kitchen is a refrigerator to help keep your perishables fresh. The microwave machine next to it provides a heating platform to warm your meals. In the same room is a coffee machine that ensures you start each day with the right levels of energy. A toaster, stove, and oven are other pieces of equipment that reduce your overreliance on nearby restaurants. 

The living room is another area that lets you enjoy your vacation luxuriously, thanks to the property’s cozy chairs and a sofa. In front of the sofa is a mounted flat screen that comes with a paid cable amounting to pure entertainment. An extension of the entertainment package is the preinstalled Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi allows you to enjoy seamless streaming both from the flatscreen TV and personal gargets.  

14 Ocean Park is a weather-proofed architectural masterpiece that helps you explore this side of the East Coast effortlessly. The property employs a centralized heating system aimed at keeping you warm during the chilly season. If the weather becomes unbearably hot, the pre-installed overhead fans will blow cold air into your room. This balance between cold and warmth patterns is something you don’t get with every other rental in the area.  

Enhanced Cleaning Practices 

Cleanliness is one of the key aspects where this rental outdoes itself. While you will be inheriting an already neat rental, they have a bunch of measures and equipment to help you maintain these cleaning standards. Inside the kitchen is a collection of detergents and other materials needed to help clean your utensils. Besides, the cleaning operations are automated meaning you can’t make excuses. This automated process also encourages you to prepare your meals more often without worrying much about the dishes. 

Surfaces all around the property also need regular cleaning. The property has a vacuum cleaner, which you will use to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness around the house. Also, you have a fully operational washing machine and dryer. This machine makes things easier compared to the traditional style of handwashing. All these cleaning practices make the property a neat and comfortable place for your Isle of Palms vacation.  

Maximum Safety 

Safety and security are areas where this property doesn’t gamble. Everything regarding your safety and the security of your belongings are taken care of. Inside the property is a smoke detection system that triggers an alarm when necessary. These alarms give you enough time to respond and help put out the fire. Best still, there is a fire extinguisher at one end of the property to help counter any fire incident. 

Apart from the fire safety systems, the property has security cameras installed at the main entrances. These cameras are not meant help monitor all those accessing the property. The cameras will be crucial whenever there is a security breach and will help put the culprits to book. Your cars in the parking lot are also monitored through the same cameras.  

Incredible Outdoor Setting 

14 Ocean Park has one of the most intriguing outdoor settings in the area. All around the property are lively green palm trees blowing cold fresh air into your living room. The compound has a neatly attended lawn that gives you a place to rest and soak in the shining sun. Also, being in a position to see the sea from the comfort of your rental is something to watch out for. 

The other component that makes the outdoor setting so captivating is the community pool. This pool provides an alternative for you to swim when the beach isn’t as interesting or when you need some privacy. When you feel more outgoing, there are lots of activities for you to explore on the beach, including watersports.  

Book with Us 

An adventure to Isle of Palms requires a fascinating vacation rental that complements your overall experience. With its high-end amenities, enhanced safety, strategic positioning, and sea shores in the backdrop, 14 Ocean Park is the place to be to experience it all. Contact us today to book a place to stay.